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Tuscany, with its unmistakable landscape, offers an artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage unique in the world.

Le Balze

the landscape of Mona Lisa

Villa Belpoggio is located near the natural area of the Balze.

The Balze del Valdarno are particular geomorphological formations resulting from an erosive phenomenon that gave rise to steep clayey slopes with a typical yellowish colour. The profile of the Balze is unique and does not leave you indifferent, so much so that even Leonardo da Vinci has painted its forms on the backgrounds of his most famous paintings, such as the Mona Lisa.

It is possible to walk along the paths that wind through the gullies, starting on foot from Villa Belpoggio.


Villa Belpoggio is located on the Chianti Aretino road, a few kilometres from Chianti Classico. You can then choose to stay with us to visit Chianti with its castles and prestigious cellars.

Chianti is a wine, but Chianti is also a territory, a place of nature and charm, a way of life. To be enjoyed slowly and known in all its nuances.

Small villages

Around Villa Belpoggio there are many small medieval villages, which keep their ancient charm intact. Discover them slowly, when walking along their cobbled streets, entering their churches and chapels, stopping in the shops of typical products.

Luxury shopping

A short distance from Villa Belpoggio, in the direction of Florence, is The Mall, a luxury outlet that gathers all the most prestigious fashion brands in a single location.

There are also other company outlets near Villa Belpoggio, such as The Space – sales point of the Prada group, IVV – sales point of the Valdarnese glass company (glass houseware), Cuoieria Fiorentina (leather goods and small leather goods) etc.

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